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You Just Have To Live With It

Our text is from Romans 7:21. I find then a law, that, when I would do good, evil is present with me.

The picture illustrates the idea that Christians have the choice to do right or wrong. You can follow the good nature or the bad nature. This is not the same as a conscience because your conscience can be defiled, deadened, hardened, and seared. Many get this confused with the new or good nature which is from above.

When we were born we inherited an old and sinful nature and when we got saved we got a new nature from above.

The apostle Paul calls one nature the law of God and the other nature the law of sin. One good---the other bad.

The old nature didn’t get taken away, dropped, destroyed, eradicated, or canceled out when we got saved. You just have to live with it. Be honest. If you think you haven’t sinned since you got saved let me ask your mother or your kids about it. They know, even if you don’t or pretend you don’t.

Romans 7 is probably the main chapter in the bible on the two natures of every Christian. If you are not saved you won’t understand this because you don’t have the good nature. Nothing more ridiculous is someone talking about losing salvation when they don’t have anything to lose to start with.

Paul had this problem with the 2 natures and in the preceding verses of our text he says that when he would do good evil is present with him. He just had to live with it. If you are saved you understand this. You want to do right but somehow evil wins out many times and you don’t do what is in your heart. Then you feel bad about the whole thing after it is done.

The way to get the victory over the bad nature is feed and nurture the good nature and starve the bad nature. Spend more time around other Christians at church where you will get the support of other Christians in prayer and encouragement. Spend more time in prayer and reading your bible then you won’t be spending your time doing something perhaps you shouldn’t be doing. The whole thing is when you are doing right you are not doing wrong.

When Jesus comes then you can say, “Goodby” to the bad nature, until then,

You will just have to live with it.

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