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Ye Take Too Much Upon You

Out text is taken from Numbers 16:5-7. 16:5 And he spake unto Korah and unto all his company, saying, Even to morrow the LORD will shew who are his, and who is holy; and will cause him to come near unto him: even him whom he hath chosen will he cause to come near unto him. 16:6 This do; Take you censers, Korah, and all his company; 16:7 And put fire therein, and put incense in them before the LORD to morrow: and it shall be that the man whom the LORD doth choose, he shall be holy: ye take too much upon you, ye sons of Levi.

Moses has just been approached by 250 leaders of Israel on the question of authority and leadership. Who’s going to run the show? That is always the question. Who is going to call the shots? They told Moses, “Ye take too much upon you…” So a showdown was in order.

Here in the verses preceding our text there were those that thought that they were just as holy and just as good in leading as Moses was. See, it’s always the question of authority.

They forgot one thing. Moses was the Lord’s selection.

So a challenge was given and agreed upon.

The next day the men that gave Moses a hard time were destroyed by the Lord. The ground opened up and swallowed up the whole bunch. Moses was the Lord’s choice as the leader of the children of Israel. He was God’s man and God’s choice. Moses told his challengers, “Ye take too much upon you.”

The lesson to us is clear. If God chooses one to do a job, it wouldn’t be a good idea to get in their way. They’re trying to serve the Lord; are you?

Are you taking to much on you?

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