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Why Men Don't Believe The Bible

Our text is from Mark 9:24. And straightway the father of the child cried out, and said with tears, Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief.

Here is an honest man. He knew he had a hard time believing that Jesus could help him but he was at the end of the rope. He was willing to try anything. Many become believers this way. They try everything else first and cause themselves misery and worry rather than try the word of God.

There are several reasons why men don’t believe the Bible.

1. Sin. People want to deny the Bible because they still have some sin they want to do and they don’t want to face the Holy Word because they are unholy. They are not ready to give their sin up yet.

2. They want to see something rather than express faith in God although they express faith in other things all day long. Folks are funny aren’t they?

3. Sometimes circumstances cause unbelief. A tragedy or a bad experience will make one wonder, "If there is a God why?"…etc, therefore the Bible couldn’t be true.

4. True ignorance. Some men have never heard or read the Bible so they just figure it is just another viewpoint by somebody.

5. And finally, men don’t believe the Bible because they have too much pride to admit there may be something to it, so they just go on without ever really asking God to show them the truth. A man that won’t ask God to show him the truth is dishonest. Why wouldn’t you give it a try unless you don’t want the truth? What harm would it cause? Pride is what caused the devil to fall and it will damn countless souls.

May God give you the courage and faith to believe the Bible.

It will mean the difference between going to a place of rest and hope and going to a hopeless place.

If you need faith ask God for it.

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