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Who Can You Trust

Our text today is taken from Psalm 118:9. It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in princes.

This verse is the middle verse in the Holy Bible and it’s no wonder. The word of God starts with God and ends with God and God is in the middle. Why? Because the one that is in the beginning and ending and in the middle will be with you all the way through. He is the one trustworthy.

It’s not good to trust people you don’t know because they will let you down. Even the people that you do know will let you down. After many folks get your confidence and trust then you are in danger of a broken heart, a big let down, or a disappointment and loss of respect and even-though some may be able to forgive and go on, it will be very difficult to ever fully trust them again. In many cases they may never get over the broken trust. It is easy to say forgive and forget but the fact is, it is nearly impossible in some cases. Only with the Lord’s help can you move on and beyond some instances.

I had a dear friend that went on to be with the Lord now, but he made a statement to the affect that you may be able to repair a cable after it has been broken but when you run your had down the cable you will always feel the splice and you may be able to tie a rope together after it has been broke but you will always feel the knot when you run your hand down it. That’s the way trust is. You will always feel the damage and the lack of confidence that was caused from the lack of trust.

So who can you trust that will never let you down? The Lord. He will never fail you and he will always keep his promises. Men will let you down but the Lord won’t.

May God help you to trust in Him.


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