• arcey

What's On Your Mind?

The text for today is from Psalm chapter 1 verse 2. But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night.

Our text was written by King David. What was on his mind? As a shepherd, I’m sure he had plenty of time to think about things. Protecting the sheep, feeding the sheep, moving them at the right time to new pastures, keeping the sheep from scattering, and keeping himself warm when it was cold. I’m sure he looked up at night and no doubt he saw some “shooting stars” and other strange phenomenon that he couldn’t explain. As a shepherd I’m sure he thought if this would be his life long occupation. When if ever he would get married and have children. These things were on his mind.

As a young man he was just like us today. He thought about the same things that we do. The things that were important to him are important to us today.

What’s on your mind?

David found a lot of answers in the word of God. The text stated that he would meditate on it day and night. The Bible has the answers to the things that are important to us today and the one thing that we all will have to deal with eventually is life after death. The Bible tells you what to expect, what Heaven is like, who will be there, how to get there, and what will happen to those that don’t go to Heaven. You see, you may not spend much time now thinking about eternal things but one day you will. If you are pronounced or diagnosed with cancer or some other dreaded disease you will start to change what’s on your mind.

May God help you to think about eternal things before eternity begins for you. My prayer is that these things will be on your mind.


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