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The Phone is Ringing

Our text will come from 1st Thessalonians 5:24. Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.

Our text is a simple one. God does the calling and if you answer the calling God will see to it that you will be enabled to do the job he wants you to do. He will get you through, that is you will get to the finish line that God wants for you.

Age makes no difference. Moses was 80 when he went into the ministry. And a young lad was used to feed well over 5000 in John 6. (This event was recorded in all 4 Gospels.)

Sex makes no difference. The Lord Jesus Christ said that a certain woman would be remembered for what she did for him just hours before his death. (The anointing for his burial. Matthew 26:13.) The Lord used men to pen the words of God.

Race makes no difference. God can use anyone that will avail himself to him. He used Jews to produce the Saviour of the world and he used Gentiles to carry to gospel to the far reaches of the world. He has a job for any and everyone. Are you making yourself available to the Lord? God isn’t the problem; it’s us that have a hard time surrendering to God for his service.

Status makes no difference. The Lord can use rich men like Abraham and Job or he can use blind, lame, and beggars and sinners to preach the gospel. (Read John 9, Luke 16, and John 4)

Location makes no difference. Whether you are in the city or the country, there is a job for you to do. God uses the small church pastors to do a job that seems to be small and insignificant just as he uses the pastors of large churches in big cities. The folks in remote areas need to hear about the Lord too!

You are here for a reason. Find out what the reason is and do it. There is something you can do for the Lord. God is calling you to do a job. Are you answering?

May God help you to answer his call. He may not call you again.

Hope your line is not busy.

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