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The Greatest Role Model

Out text will come from 1 Corinthians 11:1. Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ.

In these days of sin, evil, spiritual darkness, and wickedness role models have much to be desired. Young people want someone to pattern themselves after and the choices are slim and few. The so called role models now days don’t know how to dress, talk, live, or die. So many die and go out into eternity because of sin and hopelessness. Wasted lives. What a shame.

In our text the Apostle Paul was writing to the Corinthian church to let them know who was a good role model to follow. It was Jesus Christ. If they wanted to actually see someone to follow Paul told the Corinthians to follow him with the condition that he followed Christ. The great evangelist of the past Bob Jones Sr. said, “It’s ok to follow any man as long he is going in the right direction.”

So if there is any doubt about a role model ask these questions. 1. Have they been born again? 2. Are they serving the Lord in a local church? 3. Are they faithful in that local church? 4. Are they Bible readers and Bible believers? 5. Do they have a close walk with the Lord? 6. Do they have a good testimony among saved and unsaved alike? 7. Does he talk in a manner as would be pleasing to the Lord? 8. Do they dress as would be pleasing to Jesus Christ?

Of course, even if you cover all the bases listed there are still no guarantees that they won’t mess up in time so as long as they are following Jesus you are safe. But if you want the greatest role model, it would be Jesus himself. 1. He practiced what he preached. 2. He walked with God. 3. He was a man of prayer and faith. 4. He never turned down an invitation to go with someone to minister to them. 5. He was a Bible believer and used it constantly in dealing with people including the devil. 6. He was kind and loyal. 7. He was full of compassion. 8. He always spoke the truth. 9. He was a good listener. 10. He would tell it like it is. 11. He gave his life for the sins of the entire world.

May God help you to come to know the greatest role model and follow him.

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