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The Best Witness

Our text is from John 19:3. …I find no fault in him.

This passage of scripture was stated by Pilate, a judge that as far as we know was not a Christian. Coming from him, I would say that is a pretty good testimony. You see, Jesus was God manifest in the flesh, a great preacher and teacher, but if he had not backed up his words with his actions his words would have meant nothing.

Remember, that hasn’t changed. You may be a Christian but if you want a good testimony, you will have to be careful how you walk because your walk talks louder than your talk. I didn’t say it would be easy but it is something that you need to pray about because the Lord will have to help you.

When you get around a bunch of men and women, then it is hard to keep your testimony clean because before long you are pulled into their dirty talk or gestures. They may be decent people and you may love them from the Lord’s standpoint but you must remember they all have a old nature that comes from the dirt that’s why their conversation usually ends up there. So be on guard at all times. If you since things or conversation is starting to go in the wrong direction, then move on off. After a while they may begin to apologize for what they say or maybe not but your testimony will remain intact. The Lord will bless you for it whether they notice it or not or whether they respect you or not. I have noticed over the years that now some of them will come to me for prayer or ask prayer for someone else so it is important that you have a good witness that backs up your talk.

Anybody, like a good politician can talk, but can he back it up with his actions?

May God help you to have a good witness because the saying is true…

Actions speak louder than words .


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