• arcey

See You Later

Our text is from John 11:23. Jesus saith unto her, Thy brother shall rise again.

Funerals are unpleasant to say the least especially if it is the passing of someone that is close to you. It is especially hard on preachers that are preaching the funeral because if the person deceased never received Jesus Christ as his savior and redeemer then what do you say about them? You can’t say they are in a better place without lying. You can’t say they are better off because they are not. All you can talk about is the things they accomplished and give some humanitarian deeds they performed and for them, it is good-by.

But there is a good side to all of this. If the deceased was saved it is not good-by but “See you later.”

In our text Lazarus has just passed away and his sisters of course were hurting wishing Jesus had come a little earlier to keep Lazarus from dying. But Jesus told Martha that he would rise again, in other words you would see him again.

That’s the way it is with those that have passed on before us. Of course we will miss our loved ones when they pass on. Of course our hearts will be broken and bereaved. Of course we will be saddened to think we will never see them again in this life but praise God there is another life ahead and if they have been saved they will rise again and we will see them again.

Thank God we will see our loved ones later.

… see you later.


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