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Resolution or Regeneration

Our text will come from 1st Corinthians 1:8. …Who shall also confirm you unto the end, that ye may be blameless in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ.

At the beginning of the new year many make “New Years Resolutions” and that’s OK. Get started, and stick with it. I wish you success and I hope you can finish what you started. The problem is that many times we just don’t stick with it or we get tired of trying or maybe circumstances prevents us from sticking with our resolutions.

The truth of the matter is that while our intentions may be the best and we may have a ‘want to’ sometimes, for what ever reason, we just can’t seem to follow through. That’s resolutions. So much for them. That’s where they end.

Isn’t good to know that there is something that the Lord Jesus Christ starts in us that will be completed without our help and it will be finished. That being ‘Regeneration.’

Most don’t know what this is but simply put, we were created, we disobeyed God, we died spiritually (inside), and we needed to be quickened or regenerated and that is something we cannot do ourselves. Only the Lord can do this for us and to us. (We could no more do this for ourselves than a corpse in a grave yard raising himself up and coming up out of the grave.)

This is a process that takes place on the inside of us. It is a spiritual process and not a physical thing at all. It is not water baptism and it is not making a resolution. You see how most resolutions end up.

Reader, you need to recognize that you can’t always finish what you start and you certainly can’t fix the problem that lies inside of you, that being born with a sin nature. That is something that only the Lord Jesus Christ can fix. If that gets fixed you will get to Heaven one way or another. What the Lord starts, He will finish. (Notice our text.) He will fix your problem for you if you want Him to, but you have to ask Him to.

May God help you to start the New Year with Regeneration not resolution.

Regeneration is guaranteed, resolution is not.

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