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Perhaps Today

Out text for today is Matthew 24:44. Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.

The Lord makes it clear He is coming back one day. Perhaps today. He just doesn’t give us the luxury of knowing when. That helps us to behave ourselves. Knowing human nature, most of us would live like the devil right up till he would return then try to repent and get right. So not knowing, keeps most of us in check. At least those of us who believe Jesus is coming back. We are to be ready. Perhaps today. That means we are to live as if He is coming back today.

Suppose you knew for sure it was today, would there be any change in your habits, plans, actions, words, or thoughts? Perhaps today.

As I am writing this I can here thunder out side and am reminded that this is what it will probably sound like at his return to those who are not saved, but to us, we will here a voice that calls our name, perhaps today.

Don’t ever forget that Jesus is coming soon.

Be ready for he is coming when you don’t think He will—he may, perhaps today, so don’t be caught off guard.

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