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One Last Chance To Get Saved

My text will come from Luke 16 verse 22…and the rich man also died, and was buried;

Regardless who you are, you will one day experience death, personally. No one is exempt which means there will be for each of us one last day, one last word spoken, one last breath that we take, one last opportunity to do some act of kindness, and one last chance to get saved. The problem is that none of us know that last day.

I’m sure many do not believe that today is their last day so they go right on with their own plans just as if they will live another 50 years, but keep in mind that today is the last day for thousands which means that they had their last chance to get saved and they had their last chance to be prepared to face eternity and judgment. Their time rand out.

My text shows that the rich man died just like any other man.

The question is did he get saved and was he prepared to face eternity?

By reading the verses following our text he was not and though he had one last chance to get saved he didn’t take advantage of it but instead by passed it. How very foolish and unfortunate. He then had to face the horrible consequences. How sad and tragic.

Reader, what about you? You can be saved today and be prepared for eternity or you can bypass it.

Do you really want to take that chance by passing up on this chance to get saved?

Remember this could be your last day and chance to get saved.

Don’t end up as the rich man.

May God help you to do the right thing.

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