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One Last Chance

Our text will come from Luke 23:42 And he said unto Jesus, Lord, remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom.

Here in our text our Lord is just minutes away from dying along with the thieves that were crucified with him.

Both thieves had fussed at Jesus for not getting them out of the predicament they were in but at the very end right before Jesus dies the one thief makes a request of Jesus recognizing he was the Lord and he asked to be remembered in the kingdom.

Jesus tells him that he would be with him in paradise.

Some don’t believe you can be saved on your deathbed and that's because they believe heaven is based on good works or doing things that will merit heaven but our text says otherwise.

In many cases that’s the only way a person will get saved. He knows he’s going to die so he finally starts thinking about eternity and then in many cases will listen to what the Bible says about God’s redeeming plan for him. The fear of death is for some the only thing that wakes them up. For them it will be one last chance to get prepared for eternity.

The lesson to us is clear.

The Lord is very merciful and wants us to be saved and perhaps he will give some, one last chance to get saved right before they die, however it’s not a good idea to wait till then because you may not have one last chance to get saved due to some tragic and sudden event or you may not have the mental capacity that you have right now. You may be in some kind of mental state or perhaps a coma where you won’t be able to respond. You can’t predict the day of your death.

Better get saved today while you have time and you are in your right mind because tomorrow for you might be too late.

Remember… today may be your one last chance to get saved; don’t pass it up.

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