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Jesus Wept

Our text is a small one today which is from John 11:35. Jesus wept.

This is the shortest verse in the Holy Bible yet one could talk about it for days and preachers could preach about for years and teachers could teach on it for hours, I suppose.

The real question is why did Jesus weep? He raised Lazarus from the dead, had the power to heal folks, cast out devils, and could produce food enough to feed 5000 from a few fishes and 5 barley loaves. So why did our Lord cry?

There is not just one answer. I’m sure one could find many reasons. However, I’m sure the one thing on his mind was the fact that disobedience is what caused death to start with. He probably was thinking of all the graveyards, funeral homes, and sorrow, sadness, and heartbreaks that stems from death not to mention the fact that the devil won a great victory by getting Adam and Eve to disobey God in the garden. If Adam and Eve hadn’t messed up back in the garden then we wouldn’t have been born with a sin nature.

Doubtless this was on the Lords’ mind not to mention the fact that soon he would have to become sin personified and die a sinner’s death to pay for our disobedience. This would be totally against his nature; another reason to weep. It’s no wonder that he sweat drops of blood in the garden of Gethsemane.

Jesus wept. He had much to weep over.

So now that we are born with a sin nature our birth is no good therefore we have to be born again not from here below but from above which is a spiritual birth not a physical one. (This is not a baptism, this is a birth. Some folks get these confused.) The inside has to be changed and cleaned up, not the outside. The inside can’t get cleaned up by splashing water on the outside no more than the inside of a dirty glass can get cleaned up by washing the outside of it. The outside of us is only the present evidence of what is on the inside of us. Evil, sin, and death. So the Bible says, “The wages of sin is death…” (Rom. 6:23). That’s why we die. So in order for us to get a new body we have to have a new birth so when our present, old body dies we will get a new body.

If you are not born again you will not get a new body so I beseech you to get born again today. Jesus put it this way. Except a man be born again “he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.” John 3:5.

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