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Its Easier To Go Down

My text will come from Numbers 16:33. They, and all that appertained to them, went down alive into the pit, and the earth closed upon them: and they perished from among the congregation.

In our text here is a group of men that have withstood Moses, the man of God in the matter of authority. They wanted to overthrow the Lord’s authority so there was a show down. God’s man won and the men that withstood Moses went down alive in the pit. Down is always a bad direction with the exception of humility. We will see that below.

I try to walk on a regular basis because of some heart issues and as I was walking the other day I noticed that it was much easier to jog or walk down hill. I could go much further and longer and it’s not as uncomfortable. The problem is you can get going to fast and you may fall.

The thought then occurred to me; that’s the way life is.

It’s much easier to go down in finances because it’s easy to get in debt and hard to get out.

It’s much easier to let yourself go in the matter of physical conditioning because it’s much easier to sit down or lie down and do nothing.

It’s much easier to not fight for your country and against those that want to destroy it.

It’s much easier to let your house go down as far as maintenance and cleaning.

It’s much easier to let your relations with family go down hill from neglect strand point.

It’s much easier to let your cars go down without care and cleaning because of expense.

It’s much easier to let your own personal habits go down due to laziness.

It’s much easier to let your relationship with God go down to the point of no relation at all because the devil will fight you all the way to try to destroy any relationship you do have with the Lord.

The point is that the path of least resistance is the path of rebellion, sin, and destruction. You may be thinking it’s because of laziness. Laziness is sin.

When nothing is done about your enemies they take over and you end up serving them.

When nothing is done about your health death will see you early.

When nothing is done about your house maintenance its looses it’s value.

When nothing is done about you car maintenance it will not perform as desired.

When nothing is done about sin you reap what you sow.

When nothing is done about your relationships they crumble.

When nothing is done about your finances you may loose your home, car, and maybe your family.

And when nothing is done about your relationship with the Lord it will cost you more than you wanted to pay.

Going down is a bad direction to go.

Exception: Going down on your knees in humility to seek help from the Lord for being down in a place where you have no business being. That is where you want to be if you want help and grace from the Lord.

May the Lord help you to go upward and look upward where victories lie.

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