• arcey

Is God In The Equation?

Our text is from James 4:15.— For that ye ought to say, If the Lord will, we shall live, and do this, or that.

When you make plans or try to do something, are you asking God for His help? Are you inviting Him to go with you? Does He fit in to your schedule?

You know that many times we all are guilty of getting up in the morning and going out the door hoping to have a good day and never asking God to bless our day or even give us protection. What do we expect if God is not invited along with us? Don’t you want Him to bless your day? Shouldn’t God be in the equation?

I mean it’s you + your plans + what is missing? The Lord of course.

He completes the problem.

Do you really think that makes the Lord happy when He is uninvited? If you were hoping to be invited to some kind of important event and were not invited, how would that make you feel? Well, how do you think the Lord feels when He is not invited to what you are involved in? After He has done so much for you, and you won’t invite Him to go with you throughout your day. What’s the problem? Is it sin? Or is it forgetfulness? By the way, forgetfulness is sin. What is the problem?

Remember: The Lord + You + Your plans = Blessing

This is the successful formula and the complete equation.

May God allow you to figure out the problem and its solution.


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