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God Doesn't Change

Our text today is from Malachi 3:6. For I am the LORD, I change not;

I suppose one of the most difficult concepts to understand about God is his immutability. He doesn’t change.

I used the sun and the ocean as illustrations of this topic because they don't change. The sun will be there tomorrow even if we are not around tomorrow. The same goes for the ocean and the tides.

We change physically, mentally, socially, and morally.

He has made many wonderful promises in his word and because he cannot lie, he will keep his agreements, promises, covenants, and oaths. We don’t always. As a matter of fact, no older than I am I have seen many changes over the years. I have seen people’s thinking change from decent and moral to indecent and immoral. I have seen changes in dress, music, politics, religion, and science.

When I came through school we had prayer and Bible reading before class. You would get fired if you did that today. Even students are not allowed to do this. Why? Because it might offend someone. Jesus said in the last days that many would be offended. (Read Matthew 24:10).

People change constantly but God does not. What he says is sin, wrong, transgressions, iniquity, abomination, and ungodliness is still just that. He doesn’t soften or compromise over time on these issues. He remains God and holy.

This is important to consider because it is this unchangeable God that will judge us. Whether it is 2021 or 3021 he will still remain the same. His word will judge us. So trying to change the word won’t accomplish anything because his word doesn't change either. There is only one Bible and all the others are fakes and counterfeits. You won't be judged by them.

If you are saved you can thank God for his unchanging grace and love for us and thank God for his promise that he will never leave us or forsake us.

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