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Our text will come from Ecclesiastes 7:20. For there is not a just man upon earth, that doeth good, and sinneth not.

Most of us don’t have any problem admitting that we make mistakes albeit there may be a few that won’t but admitting that we have sinned is quite another horse of another color, if you know what I mean. I dated a lady that said she didn’t apologize for anything. That’s very foolish.

Many times when presented with the gospel there are those that try to convince themselves that they don’t do anything wrong. Really? And what’s really wild, I’ve heard some say, “I’m not a bad person” or “I’m not as bad as so&so” or “I’m not a hypocrite” or “I haven’t’ killed anybody.”

Recently I did a study on the 10 commandments and after the study I found that we can not keep any of them for very long. Not even the one on honoring your parents because we don’t always do that like we should. The ones that we think we haven’t done, we have done in our mind. Even if we don’t do something wrong or say it, many times we think it.

We are just like dogs that have fleas and they all have a few, maybe not a lot, but a few.

All dogs have fleas and all people have sins. Sin is like fleas. We are all sinners. Notice our text.

I don’t care what social circles you may run in, you still have a few fleas.

Sin can be very annoying and can make you feel bad or give you an itch of bad conscience that needs to be scratched. Sin will make you want to hide or even feel dirty or embarrassed. Sin will affect others and maybe even cause them to sin.

A famous preacher said one time, “Sin will not leave you any better than when it found you.” It will leave you worse. It will destroy you if you keep playing with it.

The Bible declares that we are all sinners, we are all guilty before God, there is none good, and we are all under the judgment of God outside of Jesus Christ saving us from our sins.

So we do have hope, but never forget…All dogs have just enough fleas to remind him that he is still a dog.

If you don’t realize this you cannot be saved.

May God help you to admit that you are a sinner.

This is the first step toward getting saved.


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