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First Things First

Our text is taken from Exodus 20:3. Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

So many times we get our ‘to do’ list all messed up. The things that should be first on the list usually end up towards the bottom and vise verse and I’m speaking from a moral standpoint.

As Christians we should put the Lord first each day and each week. The first day of the week is Sunday not ‘your day’. If we don’t put God first, then whatever comes before God, becomes a god and God said we are not to do that. Look at the text.

In America there are plenty of gods that make their way to the top of our list. Computers, TV programs, sports events, families, jobs, and school, but where is God in all this? If it wasn’t for the Lord you wouldn’t be able to have and participate in the things you do. Try to keep this in mind when you begin your day and your week.

If you don’t put the first things first then there is a good chance you may let some other important things come in last as well.

Sunday morning why not make your mind up that you are going to church because he comes first. I think you will find you will feel better about yourself not to mention that you will have a clear conscience of what you are doing is right. It may not be easy and it will take discipline but the rewards make it worth it.

Start your day with Jesus and you might be surprised how much better you day may be and as I said previously, at least you will have done something right.

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