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Don't Stay Down

Out text comes from 1st Timothy 6:12. Fight the good fight of faith… It’s understandable if you get sick and are down for a while or if you have some kind of accident where you are laid up for a while. It’s understandable if circumstances arise that gets you down for a while, however, don’t stay down. To stay down is not what God wants you to do and staying down is not healthy. If you have a broken leg or foot there comes a time after it has time to heal that you are to move it or exercise it. This aids in strength and additional healing.

You see, we as Christians are in a battle according to Ephesians chapter 6. It is a war and there will be times that we may get wounded. If you live long enough you will experience it. You may be down and out mentally and spiritually, as well as physically. But don’t stay down. Get over your healing and get up and get back in the battle. You are needed. The Lord wants to use you and others need you for help, understanding, and encouragement. It may be that you getting up from getting knocked down might be just what is needed to help get someone else up and going.

One of my earliest devotions had a comment from a man that said he was down but after hearing the encouragement, he was back up and running. You will get knocked down once in a while; we all do, but God doesn’t want you to stay down. Get over your hurt, defeat, sin sickness, pride, embarrassment, and get back up swinging.

Yes it’s OK to get knocked down but don’t stay down.

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