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Don't Make The Devil Happy

Our text is from Job 41:22. In his neck remaineth strength, and sorrow is turned in to joy before him.

This whole chapter is about the devil and what he looks like for real. You wouldn’t want to see him as he is but our text tells us when sorrow comes he is joyful.

I urge you to not make the devil happy. How so? You make the devil happy by…

…not praying for your family to get saved. When they don’t get saved the devil is happy. …not telling others how to get saved. When they don’t get saved the devil loves it. …not having a good testimony so others would want to get saved. When people go to Hell the devil shouts for joy. …not passing out tracts so that others can know how to be saved. When they don’t know how to get saved they will end up in the lake of fire. The devil is ecstatic. …by not encouraging others to get saved or to come to church. The devil sees another happy victory ahead. …not getting saved yourself. When you get to Hell the devil will be very happy about that. He might even have tears of joy.

Make God happy, not the devil.

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