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Beware of Dogs!

My text will come from Philippians 3:2 Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, beware of the concision.

The apostle Paul is warning people to watch out for dogs. Not 4 legged dogs but two legged ones. You know that from the next part of the verse, “evil workers.”

Paul had those around in his day and we have them around in our day.

Saved people at times get filled with the devil because they won’t submit themselves to the word of God or they are covetous. They are rebellious reprobates that are worthless and they are the ones that are always so critical of others that are trying to do something for God. They are the ones that give pastors a hard time because they don’t have enough guts to answer the call to preach so while they are in church they spend their time giving the pastor a hard time.

Some of these people get messed up into false doctrine and try to lead others astray as well.

Beware of dogs.

Then you have the unsaved that range from atheists to politicians and everything in between. They are evil workers. They spend a lot of their time giving Chriatians a hard time. Beware of dogs.

Paul says to watch out for these people because they will try to get you off track or try to get you to lose your testimony.

Beware of dogs.

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