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All Aboard!

Our text today will be from 1 Thessalonians 4:18. Wherefore comfort one another with these words.

In our text the Apostle Paul has just described the return of the Lord Jesus Christ to call up and out his bride to meet him in the air. What a great event this will be.

It will defy gravity, ideas, beliefs, thoughts, dreams, and imaginations. It will be a reality one day and very soon. It will be our rescue and it is the Christian’s hope.

Thank God for the return of Jesus. Without this hope we would all be in trouble because there is just no good news outside of our Lord’s return. Man is out of control and getting worse. The world is falling apart and wobbling out of course politically, religiously, and socially. Things are on a downward trend and it seems that the bottomless pit is about ready to be opened up.

Praise God for the great promise of the return of Jesus Christ to this earth. We are not here to make this world a better place but to live for and serve our Lord Jesus Christ and to leave when he calls us up. Can’t wait!

This is what our text is about. Instead of focusing on the horrible events about to take place and they will take place, we are told to be comforting each other about the coming of the Lord Jesus to this earth because that is something that you can count on and it will happen. It will happen just as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow. By the way, the sun will rise tomorrow regardless how bad it gets.

No one knows when the day of the Lord’s return will be, so we are to keep living for the Lord until that day. That is why he didn’t tell us the day of his return. If we knew the day of his return many would perhaps start slowing down our service for the Lord 5 to 10 years before then, and eventually just stop before the actual day so keep going for God. Perhaps it will be today. Just keep watching for the Lord and don’t give up on him. He is more reliable then anyone or anything you know.

Who knows, we may be getting our final call soon.

Hope you have your ticket.

All aboard!

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