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A Forked Tongue

Our text is from James 3 verse 10. Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not so to be.

The expression, “You speak with forked tongue” comes from this passage. From our text today earlier in chapter 3 verse 3, our tongue is likened to a bit that you put in a horses’ mouth in order to control him. Then the text says further that it is like a small wheel on a ship, small, but it can control a whole ship as a matter of fact the captain of a ship is also called the ‘Master’ or ‘Ship Master’. That is, he has the control which direction the ship is to go.

So our tongue is small but can do great things, either good or bad. The picture indicates that something perhaps is being said in private about someone. Is it good or bad? The whole point is that it can be either, so be careful what you say.

Many times our tongue gets out of control and causes pain and hurts people. Once the damage is done, usually it is irreparable. Our tongue should be controlled by the Lord so we won’t be hypocritical when it comes to others. If on the one hand you bless with your tongue and on the other hand you curse with it, you send mixed signals and loose your testimony, respect, and your effectiveness.

The thing you want to realize is that you can’t always control your own tongue. The devil will see to that. Before you know it a wrong thing will come out of your mouth and then it’s too late. You need Jesus Christ the Master, to control it with the word of God. The Bible will show you how you are to speak, and with time and prayer you will start to talk like the Lord, not the devil.

May God bless your efforts to talk more like the Master. Don’t speak with a forked tongue.

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